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Product name

Curcumin; Cur; Turmerone; Curcuma

Latin name for the plant: 

Curcuma longa L.

  • Curcumin Curcumin
  • Curcumin Curcumin

1. Product feature and detailed description

This product is orange - yellow crystalline powder, slightly bitter taste. Curcumin is a naturally occurring chemical compound that is found in the spice turmeric. Turmeric is a member of the Curcuma botanical group, which is part of the ginger family of herbs, the Zingiberaceae. The root and rhizome stem of the Curcuma longa plant is crushed and powdered into ground Turmeric spice. Ground Turmeric is used worldwide as a seasoning and is the source of extracted Curcumin. 

2. Advantages of our product

All the raw materials come from our own planting base, which ensures that they are green, environmentally friendly and pollution-free. As a manufacturer, we strictly control every production process to ensure product quality

3.Product specifications of Turmeric Extract Powder

NoProduct NameSpecification IngredientTest Method
1Turmeric extract powder 95%Curcumin 95%HPLC
2Turmeric extract powder 10%water solubleCurcumin10% water solubleHPLC

4. Product function

Medical research shows that curcumin has the effects of lowering blood lipids, anti-tumor, anti-inflammation, cholagogic and antioxidant. Curcumin is mainly used in food production for coloration of intestinal products, canned products, soy sauce and marinade products. Scientists have discovered that curcumin helps treat drug-resistant tuberculosis.

1. Curcumin blocks cancer causing chemicals, because it is anti-angiogenic!

2. Curcumin inhibits COX-2 enzyme that promotes cancer growth.

3. Curcumin stimulates the p53 gene, the defense mechanism of the body which causes tumor cell death.

4. Curcumin inhibits the epidermal growth factor receptor site which is necessary for cancer cell growth.

5. Curcumin is very useful in joint related concerns.

6. Curcumin helps maintain a normal cholesterol and a healthy heart.

7. Curcumin is very helpful as a digestive support.

8. Curcumin is extremely helpful in liver protection.

9. Curcumin is also used in controlling obesity.

10. Curcumin induces the flow of bile, which breaks down fats.

11. Curcumin acts as an anti-inflammatory agent that relieves the aches and pains associated with arthritis.


5. Packaging and storage

Double plastic bag inside, fiber drum outside. Net Weight 25kg.

Store in cool & dry place. Keep away from strong light and heat.


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