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Aloe extract

Aloe extract

Product name

Aloe extract powder

Extract of Aloe Leaves

Barbaloin Aloin

Aloe-emodin (AE)

Latin name of plant

Aloe barbadensis Mill

  • Aloe extract	Aloe extract
  • Aloe extract	Aloe extract
  • Aloe extract	Aloe extract
  • Aloe extract	Aloe extract

1.Product features and detailed description

This product is the leaf extract of Aloe. It is a yellow-brown colored powder with bitter taete. Aloe is a perennial, evergreen, fleshy herb of Liliaceae. It is a kind of medicinal and food homologous green plant resources. Its physiological active ingredients are extremely abundant. More than 130 kinds of Aloe have been found, which plays a magical role in the treatment of health care diseases. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Aloe Vera is cold, bitter and enters the liver, heart and spleen meridians. It can be used for constipation, children's hemorrhoids and convulsions, external treatment of wet tinea, insecticide, women's amenorrhea and hemorrhoids and fistula.

The chemical composition of Aloe Vera is complex, among which the main one is aloin, also known as aloin, which has the functions of enhancing immune function, anti-cancer, detoxification and defecation, anti-bacterial, anti-gastric injury, liver protection and skin protection.

2.Product specifications of Aloe Extract Powder

NoProduct NameSpecification IngredientTest Method
1Aloe leaf extract 98%

98% barbaloin A+B

2Aloe leaf extract 95%95% barbaloin A+BHPLC
3Aloe leaf extract 40%40% barbaloin AHPLC
4Aloe leaf extract 40%40% barbaloin A+BHPLC
5Aloe leaf extract 30%30% barbaloinHPLC
6Aloe leaf extract 20%20% barbaloin AHPLC
7Aloe leaf extract 20%20%  barbaloin A+BHPLC
8Aloe leaf extract 10%10% barbaloinHPLC
9Aloe leaf extract 98%98% Aloe emodinHPLC

3.Product function of extract of Aloe Leaves

1. Aloe-emodin Is a new type of anticancer agent with selective sctivity.Otherwise, from the newly results on immunosuppression research, it might be used as prevent and cure allergic diseases.

2. It increases the intestinal water content and the stimulation of peristalsis, so that can cure astriction,especially useful for mid-age or elderly people ,while it can promote appetite and accelarate to execete toxic substance in intestinal.
3. Utilizing its function of slimming fat can make your body more sharply and charming.
4. With its function of whitening and moisturizing skin,it can be make your skin more elastic and soft; Also can prevent damage from UV radiation.

4.Packaging and storage

Double plastic bag inside, fiber drum outside. Net Weight 25kg.

Store in cool & dry place. Keep away from strong light and heat.


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