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Established in 2015, Kangdu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd has been providing high-quality products to the plant extract market for five years.Our products cover the food, health care, pharmaceutical, sugar and sweetener industries.The company relies on the technology of Hebei Agricultural University and Hebei Forestry College.

Our goal is to serve human health. The company adheres to the management concept of "Taking drugs as the center and taking honesty as the foundation", and takes the road of specialized development. We will continue to provide quality products and better services while maintaining uncompromising commitment to both safety and quality.


Planting Base

Since the establishment of the company, always adhered to the principle of "resources from the base" to ensure the safety and quality of raw materials. Relying on the superior geographical conditions and fertile land resources at the eastern foot of Taihang mountain, the company owns the pollution-free ginkgo biloba leaf garden and the planting base of Chinese medicinal materials of more than 20,000 mu(about 3500 acre), which is close to the requirements of GAP. The annual output of ginkgo biloba leaves is more than 6000 tons, and other traditional Chinese medicinal materials are more than 4000 tons. It has established Kangdu Ginkgo Planting Co., LTD (the leading enterprise of municipal agricultural industrialization) and Yuandilong TCM Materials Planting Cooperative.

Central Laboratory

The center laboratory has a top-level R & D and quality control team led by senior engineers with a good knowledge of botany, chemistry, Chinese medicine and modern instrument analysis. It is equipped with a set of advanced quality analysis and testing equipment, including high performance liquid chromatograph, gas chromatograph, infrared analyzer, ultraviolet visible spectrophotometer, diode display detector, bacteria collecting instrument, microscope and so on. The experienced quality control team and advanced instruments and equipment have ensured the leading position of Kang Du in the same industry.

Standardized Process Flow

The technological layout of various regions is scientific and rigorous. The flow of people and logistics is regulated. Effective measures are taken to prevent errors and cross contamination. Strict quality standards and quality control procedures are implemented. With advanced inspection equipment and first-class production equipment, we have built a complete service system from raw material planting, production and processing to sales

Hardware Facility

The company invested more than 85 million yuan to purchase 156 sets of various instruments and equipment. Six automatic control production lines with leading domestic level have been built, mainly including extraction, separation, concentration, drying, mixing and purification of water preparation equipment. Two separate air purification systems are used in the production workshop and the central laboratory.







Our Company

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is one of the treasures in the development of world medicine. Inheriting traditional technology, and combining modern science, after several years of ups and downs, Kangdu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has formed a three-industry integrated chain development pattern including the planting, processing and sales of medicinal materials. It is our unremitting pursuit and dream to produce high-quality famous products and make greater contributions to human health.

  • Kangdu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

    Kangdu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

    Our company is based on the technology of Hebei Agricultural University and Hebei Academy of Forestry. We are occupying the market with high-end products and our aim is to serve human health. We adhere to the management philosophy of "focusing on pharmaceutical products and taking honesty as the basis" and take the road of specialization.

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